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New, Innovative, & Sustainable
Supply Chain Solutions

Game-changing Supply Chain Benefits for Cargo Owners, Shippers, BCOs & 3PLs

Faster and more secure transport

Access to intermodal transport

Improved profitability

Elimination of dunnage and reduced carbon emissions

Lower cost per shipment

Zero Defect deliveries and improved safety

CakeBoxx Technologies

Who We Are

CakeBoxx Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures sustainable, optimized cargo transportation and storage solutions for standard, specialized, and oversized cargo.

CakeBoxx Technologies is a global leader in supply chain systems engineering and end-to-end solutions for the safesustainable, & efficient transport and storage of high-value, high-consequence cargo, and strategically critical assets.

We offer a full range of standard and custom platforms and shipping container solutions that are ISO-compliant & CSC-certified.

Our innovative supply chain solutions increase visibility and supply chain velocity, reduce costs, and enable safe, secure, & efficient transport and storage for our customers’ valuable and often challenging-to-transport cargo, including non-conforming sizes & shapes and heavy to super load cargo.

CakeBoxx two-piece container and transportation platform

Seamless Integration into Container Logistics

CakeBoxx’s ultra-strong platforms (with optional protective lid) enable cargo of all shapes, sizes, & weights to leverage fast, cost-effective transport.

  • Optionality via alternative shipping modalities
  • Increased speed & lower cost
  • Supply chain sustainment & resiliency

Specialized Engineering

Our transport and storage solutions can be tailored to specific requirements. CakeBoxx works with and as an extension of your design team.

  • Engineered to spec
  • Greater cargo integrity
  • Eliminate rework / return shipping

Most Secure Transport and Storage, Globally

CakeBoxx® patented two-piece containers are the only containers with SAFETY Act approval from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

  • Maximum security containers and platforms
  • Custom securement / shock & vibration analysis
  • Zero defect deliveries / improved worker safety

A World Leader in Innovative Transport and Storage Solutions

Accelerated delivery. Reduced costs. Improved visibility & quality.

All features, including dimensions, capacities, fitments, and finishes, can be fully tailored to your specific requirements.

Markets We Serve

Explore Some of the Industries Leveraging CakeBoxx Solutions

CakeBoxx Containers are the Safest, Most Secure in the World

The Only Container with SAFETY Act Approval

CakeBoxx® doorless two-piece containers are the only shipping containers in the world to receive SAFETY Act approval from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

These container models are also:

ISO and CSC certified

The world’s only shipping container on the SAFETY Act’s Approved Equipment List

Case Study:

Despite a severe accident, the high-value airplane component inside a CakeBoxx container was completely undamaged, avoiding significant delays to repair/replace and saving millions of dollars.

Background: A 45ft half-height CakeBoxx containing an extremely high-value, high-consequence airplane component after a road accident.

This is one of two similar severe incidents where the forces on the chassis were extreme, but the cargo was completely undamaged. On both occasions, the CakeBoxx containers sustained only minimal damage & were returned to service after minor repairs.

Transport and Storage Solutions

to Protect Our Customers’ Cargo

CakeBoxx – the most secure transport & storage in the world

CakeBoxx protects high-value, high-consequence assets, even during:

Long journeys and storage periods

Unexpected movements

Multiple intermodal transfers

Loading and unloading with movement of other containers, forklifts etc

Our Customers

Leading Commercial and Governmental Organizations Worldwide Trust CakeBoxx

Non-Standard Cargo Integrates Seamlessly Into Global Supply Chains

Access Cheaper, Faster, More Reliable Transport

CakeBoxx platforms enable OEMs to now leverage widely available, fast, and cost-effective shipping methods with an option to add our patented lid, making them the world’s most secure shipping containers.

Stackable and rackable for storage and logistics

Marine – into the ship cell guides or on the deck

Road – on flat bed or skeletal chassis

Contact CakeBoxx

We are dedicated to developing sustainable, optimized supply chains for your high-value, high-consequence, and

oversized cargo.

Simply provide your contact info and we’ll look forward to discussing your needs: