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What is a CakeBoxx®?

Introducing the Container 2.0

The shipping industry has changed a great deal in the past 50 years, yet the basic design of the shipping container hasn’t changed much since it was invented in 1955. Containers need to load, unload, and be handled more quickly than ever to operate in the current market. Cargos have never been more expensive, awkward to load, and attractive to steal.

CakeBoxx Technologies’ inaugural innovation, the CakeBoxx® two-piece shipping containers with their exclusive and innovative ‘deck and lid’ design are a container revolution for cargo security, structural integrity, and supply chain efficiency. A disruptive technology in the containerized cargo industry, CakeBoxx two-piece containers offer many distinct advantages over traditional containers and have a wide array of applications for non-traditional use with the container form factor.

CakeBoxx offers end-to-end compatibility; seamlessly integrating into the existing logistics chain with CSC/ISO certification.

See our explainer video below to find out more.

CakeBoxx 20' deck and lid container
CakeBoxx containers - loading from top and all sides


CakeBoxx keeps people, equipment and your cargo safe

The CakeBoxx deck makes 360 degree side and overhead access for loading and unloading a reality. This eliminates the need for any unsafe working conditions inside cramped spaces which would otherwise be necessary for personnel working with standard conventionally doored containers.

The complete access to cargo offered with the CakeBoxx design also enables loads to be safely and effectively secured for transit from all angles. After loading and before attaching the lid, this can be done using standard strapping, chains, lashing, padding and tarpaulins as necessary with CakeBoxx’s tailored Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS™).

CakeBoxx is the perfect solution for difficult to load or odd shaped goods, and the ability to properly secure cargo will produce a quantifiable reduction in cargo damage during transit; reducing insurance premiums and increasing customer satisfaction.


Security built in, with the CakeBoxx deck and lid design

Unlike with standard containers, CakeBoxx eliminates the necessity for doors, which means no easily defeated hinges, hasps or locking bars. This makes CakeBoxx extremely secure and greatly minimizes the risk of being compromised for theft or use of the container as a conveyance for illicit goods trafficking, human trafficking or as a weapon. The CakeBoxx lid is secured to the deck using CakeBoxx Technologies’ Vertical Locking System™.

CakeBoxx products are available with doors in the lid with tamper resistant door locking features as an option if required. In addition to this, doors can be locked from the inside prior to closing of the lid, as well as locked externally, securing CakeBoxx to the highest of standards.

In addition to being secure from intruders, CakeBoxx containers are secured from the elements. Industry tough rubber seals between deck and lid as standard ensure cargo is kept dry.


CakeBoxx is quicker, simpler and more effective

CakeBoxx products are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing systems for movement between the various modes of global logistical transport. Our products operate with all commonly utilized yard equipment such as straddle carriers, gantry cranes, reach stackers, empty container handlers, toppicks, sidepicks and forklifts.

For facilities that do not have this type of equipment, CakeBoxx containers can be moved by overhead cranes, boom trucks and block-and-tackle. Even a light duty forklift can effectively lift the lid off a CakeBoxx by using chains, slings or lashing straps or by the use of a “spreader” specifically designed to assist in CakeBoxx lid removal. We also produce Boxxes with fork pockets in the lid which will allow the use of forklifts for lifting and replacing the lid for loading and unloading without slings or chains.

What’s in the Boxx?

Innovative technology in every CakeBoxx model

All CakeBoxx containers with their deck and lid design are built with the extra-thick TrusDek. This specially engineered deck is designed to carry heavy, top and side-loaded machinery and project cargo shipments that require extreme strength, hardware mounts or under-deck additions. All CakeBoxx decks can be handled fully loaded as a pallet without the lid installed.

The simple and efficient Vertical Locking System is another feature built into every CakeBoxx product. This easy to use twist lock feature secures and releases the lid and deck, and is a highly reliable, super strong advantage.

With up to 30 flush-mounted, heavy-duty D-Rings, CakeBoxx’s tailored PTS provides a wide array of lashing options to address any cargo. This allows any uniquely shaped or configured products to be safely secured, greatly reducing the chance of damage. The thickness of the TrusDek allows the floor to be customized with countersunk, threaded attachment points for a variety of anchor fittings or through-bolts allowing cargos to be secured in ways that ordinary containers cannot.

Tailored Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS) Tailored Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS)