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Ultra-Secure, Environmentally Controlled Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Medical Shipments

Specialized Shipping Containers and Transport Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Medical Shipments

Moving critical pharmaceutical and medical products, chemicals, and supplies across countries and continents is an ever-growing requirement for shippers, and this trend is set to continue. Standard containers with their vulnerable doors are a huge issue for this sector because they are easily compromised and defeated. This leads to theft, or worse, containers being unwittingly commandeered and used as a conveyance for illicit goods. CakeBoxx ‘no doors’ two-piece containers are optimized for specialized high-value cargo, and prevent this by negating the requirement for doors entirely.

CakeBoxx containers with their deck and lid form factor allow easy top and side loading. Unlike standard containers that load through rear cargo doors, this full access means no enclosed environment need be entered. This is a huge advantage for worker safety – avoiding cramped space and in doing so, enabling social distancing. It also contributes to significantly shorter, faster loading and unloading time.

Candidate medical and pharma cargos for transport in CakeBoxx containers include personal protective equipment (PPE), medicines, vaccines, CT scanners, MRI, X-ray, and other imaging and diagnostic machines, surgical and lab equipment, and even hospital furniture.

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