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Fresh Thinking for the Shipment of Food and Drink

Shipping Containers and Transport Solutions for the Movement of Food and Beverage

It doesn’t take much to encroach on your margin when it comes to shipping cold chain frozen or chilled produce and product. CakeBoxx Technologies builds ‘two-piece’ environmentally controlled containers which in addition to loading and security benefits over standard containers, provide a strong value proposition for loss prevention.

The CakeBoxx deck and lid design allows temperature sensitive food and drink to be loaded and secured extremely quickly and efficiently, minimizing any time the cargo is required to spend outside the desired temperature range. All standard CakeBoxx models are available with high-performance insulation options designed to maintain a required temperature range during shipment.

Where refrigeration is required, our ThermoBoxx™ range of 20ft and 40ft state-of-the-art two-piece reefer containers are a great option for modern cold chain operations. These containers are optimized for specialized high-value cargo.

Shipping liquids and granular cargos such as wines, beers, spirits, and grains can be a challenge due to their high density and the difficulties securing them in standard containers. The CakeBoxx deck allows complete loading access and excellent securement options with the Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS™). These cargos often move in tanks, drums, barrels, or Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and cannot normally be stacked two-high, which means shipping empty space in regular ISO containers. The ShortBoxx container solves this issue by being exactly half the height of a standard 20ft shipping container, allowing shippers to tailor the container size to the cargo – not having to settle for more container than is needed.

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