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Crating and Transloading

Safer Shipments, Less Handling

Specialized Shipping Containers to Eliminate Crating and Improve Transloading

Transferring goods from one mode of transport to another is a costly but necessary process for all modes of cargo transportation, so keeping handling to a minimum is always preferable.

Where sensitive or awkward shaped cargos are being moved in crates, not only is the crating itself costly and wasteful in terms of wood and dunnage materials required, but each instance of transloading incurred enroute to the ultimate destination is also more complex and time consuming than it need be.

The ideal method of long-haul shipping is containerization.  The versatile and easy-to-load two-piece CakeBoxx design allows high-value, sensitive cargos that would otherwise ship in wooden crates, to be containerized. CakeBoxx design offers maximum cargo safety and takes all the time, effort and cost out of crating and transloading crates.  Our CakeBoxx container can be your next crate!

CakeBoxx Technologies offers custom solutions, so even if standard CakeBoxx container sizes or specifications are not a good fit for your cargo, a custom design can be engineered and built just for your specialized high-value cargo. This means all cargo shapes, weights, dimensions, and vulnerabilities can be accounted for. Crated goods will easily incur damage in most environments, including the crating and uncrating processes themselves.  With CakeBoxx, the deck itself can be built with specific securement and tie down points, giving any cargo the proper securement it requires. Once the lid is closed, the cargo is at very low risk of incurring any damage whatsoever.

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