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Aerospace & Defense

Mission Critical Transport Solutions for Sustainment in the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Sectors

Shipping Containers and Transport Solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Markets

Defense shipments must be ultra-secure, and the CakeBoxx two-piece ‘doorless’ container design was built for exactly that. CakeBoxx doorless models are the only shipping containers designated by the US Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) and are the perfect sustainment solution for transporting and storing specialized high-value cargo.

CakeBoxx Technologies works extensively with organizations across the aerospace and defense industries, providing transport solutions to best suit the high value, damage sensitive, and often mission-critical cargos shipped in these sectors.

Aerospace engineering often requires heavy, complex-shaped, and high cost parts which can be fragile or easily incur damage. CakeBoxx shipping containers for aviation and defense can be custom engineered in dimensions and form factor to provide maximum loading and unloading efficiency, both shipment and people safety, as well as the highest cargo security. Candidate defense sustainment and aerospace cargos shipped with CakeBoxx solutions include airplane parts, communications equipment, batteries, weapon systems, electronics, data centers, radar installations and munitions.

Where environmental control is required for such cargos, CakeBoxx provides a range of reefer and insulation solutions, all of which can be custom designed to suit the shipment type.

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