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Streamline Builds and Ship Equipment More Effectively

Shipping Containers and Transport Solutions for the Construction and Heavy Equipment Industries

Loading and unloading heavy equipment and machinery can be a time consuming and often dangerous exercise. Wheeled and tracked vehicles for construction and handling are often not able to be shipped in containers without costly design alterations or complex disassembly so they can fit through container doors.

At CakeBoxx Technologies, rather than complicating the product to fit the container, we believe the container should fit the product.

Our CakeBoxx two-piece design allows easy 360-degree loading and unloading access from the top and all sides, which can make containerizing heavy equipment more possible than ever previously thought possible. Shippers can save time and cost through being able to easily load directly onto the CakeBoxx deck like a flat rack, then add the lid to take advantage of container shipping. The time and cost savings in addition to options gained over traditional break bulk and roll-on roll-off methods are huge. Candidate machinery for CakeBoxx shipping containers include backhoes, compact track, and multi-terrain loaders, excavators and material handlers, skid steers track loaders, wheel loaders as well as forklifts and other small to medium-sized handling trucks.

Additionally, the building industries require frequent shipment of heavy, long and odd shaped cargos such as rebar, I-beams, pipe, timber, and other building materials. CakeBoxx BreakBulkBoxx™ solutions are extremely useful for these larger cargos, and where weight restrictions mean heavy cargos are not making use of a full shipping container volume, two ShortBoxx containers can be a cost-saving option.

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