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The Energy Industries

Powering the Supply Chain for Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuel Markets

Specialized Shipping Containers and Transport Solutions for the Energy Industries

Energy production is more diverse now than ever before. From the growing renewable sources like wind, hydro, tidal, biomass, and solar to the traditional coal, oil, and natural gas fossil fuels, CakeBoxx Technologies has a solution to meet the transportation and storage needs of every type of these specialized high-value cargos.

Wind turbines are increasing in size and rate of production every year, which has led to huge challenges in transportation. Our two-piece shipping containers are the perfect safe and secure solution for containerizing and moving many easily damaged turbine parts on container ships rather than more costly break bulk and ro-ro methods. For larger, heavier parts that cannot adhere to ISO container dimensions, CakeBoxx Technologies produces flat racks and industry-leading transport platforms. These allow for highly secure and efficient shipment of generator parts such as powertrains, gearboxes, blades, and tower sections.

Cargos such as solar panels are extremely sensitive to damage, which for transportation requires great care in loading, unloading and proper securement. Since the CakeBoxx deck is fully accessible from the top and all sides, solar equipment can be loaded easily and safely, without the risk of damage or injury to personnel. With standard containers this can easily occur because of the enclosed space, and when forklift loading through shipping container doors. Panels can be easily secured to the CakeBoxx deck with CakeBoxx Technologies’ customizable Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS™) and custom floor material.

CakeBoxx solutions cater to different operational stages within the oil and natural gas industries. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors require a huge amount of equipment transport when both constructing and dismantling drilling operations. CakeBoxx containers and transport platforms are often the safest and most cost-effective way to ship many of these materials.

Because of the CakeBoxx two-piece container’s high security and easy loading form factor, it is also the perfect solution for transporting and storage of hazardous, corrosive, or potentially explosive materials. Removal of waste materials is required by several energy sectors including nuclear power. CakeBoxx Technologies can work with you to custom design a custom waste removal container or platform to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

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