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Custom Solutions

CakeBoxx Custom Containers Built to Spec

The unique two part CakeBoxx deck and lid  design makes it highly customizable. A wide range of custom container solutions are available on each CakeBoxx model. This includes container dimensions, lifting options, access options and more. In addition, CakeBoxx Technologies can work with you to design and build entirely bespoke custom container solutions; CakeBoxx containers built from scratch to meet your unique requirements.

Custom Dimensions

CakeBoxx containers are available to order in several length, width and height options as standard. For cases where this does not meet your transport and storage needs, we can work with you to build an entirely bespoke CakeBoxx.

Insulation Packages

A variety of high performance insulation options are available.

Corner Guides

To eliminate potential for lid contact with cargo during loading and unloading operations, CakeBoxx products are available with corner guides to aid the securing of the container and prevent cargo damage.

Lifting Tubes or Rings

For special cargo handling requirements, lifting tubes or rings can be added to the lid.

Doors and Viewing Ports

All CakeBoxx models are available with access and cargo doors or removable panels designed to customer specifications.

Locking mechanism

Tamper Resistant Door Locking System

As with other features of the premium CakeBoxx products, we offer innovative extra-mile, customer specific tamper resistant door locking features for special application needs.

Custom Flooring

All CakeBoxx models are available with a variety of customer-specified flooring materials to precisely fit specific requirements for the deck. These include steel, FSC certified bamboo or OSB plywood, hardwood, or fiber glass reinforced plastic (FRP). CakeBoxx decks are available with flat or recessed floors

Environmentally Friendly Paint

CakeBoxx products are available with a range of paint options on request, including environmentally friendly water based paints.

LED Lighting

Where light in the CakeBoxx lid is a concern, internal LED lighting can be fitted.