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The Gold Standard for Shipping Mining Materials and Minerals

Shipping Containers and Transport Solutions for the Mining Industries

CakeBoxx Technologies provides shipping containers and other transport systems optimized for specialized high-value cargo, such as several transport requirements within the mining industry.

Mining operations require the transportation of heavy machinery and construction equipment for the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials, for which CakeBoxx provides a range of standard containers and custom solutions.

Mined ores such as gold, nickel, copper, cobalt, and zinc are extremely valuable and, in some cases, moved in large quantities, which makes them vulnerable to pilferage. Whether it’s the movement of raw materials or ingots, CakeBoxx containers allow maximum usable container volume and provide the easiest and safest way to properly secure the cargo. With no requirement for doors, CakeBoxx containers are also immune to the most common forms of burglarizing and container compromise.

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