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Keep Production Flowing with Innovative Container Solutions

Shipping Containers and Transport Solutions for the Manufacturing and Metals Markets

Keeping to a tight schedule is essential for any manufacturing operation. This can be easily hampered by any number of issues during transportation – shipments can be broken into and compromised, poorly secured goods can be damaged in transit, and any issues and delays with loading and unloading can hold up the entire supply chain.

CakeBoxx ‘two-piece’ container and platform solutions can remedy all the above issues. and are perfect for specialized high-value cargo including metals.

Once secured, our doorless models have no point of access without equipment to lift the lid, making it impossible to compromise in a way that goes unnoticed. This is why our no-door containers were designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) by the US Department of Homeland Security. Even on doored models, security can be vastly increased – the lid can be lifted, and doors locked from the inside before securing the shipment, meaning no vulnerable hasps, hinges, and locking bars accessible to criminals. Our versatile Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS™) is available in whatever configuration required to suit a cargo’s exact securement needs and prevent damage, providing a much simpler and more effective solution than block and brace with dunnage.

Transporting metals like steel and aluminum is a challenge often encountered by shippers. Size, weight, dimensions, and texture of metal cargo are all contributing factors in deciding how best they might ship. Often this will need to be complicated and expensive break bulk movements even if they might fit into a shipping container, purely because of the loading difficulties encountered. With CakeBoxx, this can be avoided. CakeBoxx Technologies provides a solution to meet the needs of transporting many metal types, including sheet, plate, pipe, re-bar, casks, cylinders, tubular products, and ingots. For the movement of easily damaged cold-rolled coils, hot-rolled coils, and coiled wire rod, the CoilBoxx™ container is the perfect solution.


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