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Specialized Shipping Containers and Transport Solutions for the Automotive Vehicle Markets

Storing/transporting vehicles in standard shipping containers has always been an issue, largely due to the limited space for loading and unloading but also because of how easy it is for vehicles to be damaged during transit due to improper securement. Cars and trucks are also at high risk of theft in standard containers due to the doors being easy to compromise. In many circumstances, cars and trucks must be Completely Knocked Down (CKD) or Semi Knocked Down (SKD) to ship efficiently – incurring huge costs and time spent building up and knocking down.

These issues are now a thing of the past. The unique, secure, and customizable design of CakeBoxx containers makes them the perfect fit for specialized high-value cargo. Your highly valuable and mission-critical vehicles, which can now in many cases ship Completely Built Up (CBU) with CakeBoxx.

Loading and unloading are simple: wheeled vehicles can be easily driven onto the deck and secured using the CakeBoxx tailored Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS™). When the lid is closed, they are safe and secure for movement on road, sea, or rail like any other container. CakeBoxx containers with their two-piece ‘deck and lid’ design do not require doors, so the most common point of compromise is eliminated – removing the risk of theft and vandalism.

For instances where the size of a vehicle makes it physically too large to fit in a container space and CKD or SKD is still the only option for containerization, CakeBoxx containers are still a great choice. The deck allows full 360-degree open access for loading and unloading, so shippers can properly load and secure vehicle parts without needing to venture inside a cramped container space. This is both a significant safety and cargo securement advantage.

Candidate vehicle cargos for shipping in highly secure CakeBoxx containers include high-end consumer cars and trucks, professional racing and sports vehicles, military vehicles, and armored cars.

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