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What is the SAFETY Act?

Enhancing National Security: Understanding the SAFETY Act and the Importance of QATT Designation

At CakeBoxx Technologies, our doorless CakeBoxx® containers recently received renewal of their SAFETY Act designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). This critical designation highlights our commitment to safety and security across global supply chains.

But what is the SAFETY Act, what does it take to become a QATT, and why is this designation important to the transportation industry?

A doorless CakeBoxx® container with SAFETY Act designation as a QATT

The SAFETY Act: A Brief Overview

The interconnected world of the 21st century is increasingly complex, and ensuring the security and safety of the United States is paramount.

In response to the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was formed in 2002. DHS is responsible for public security and is crucial in safeguarding the nation against threats. One of its key initiatives, enacted by Congress, is the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (also known as the SAFETY Act).

The SAFETY Act is a powerful incentive for private sector companies to innovate and collaborate with the government to combat terrorism and other catastrophic events, encouraging developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies to bolster national security efforts. Within the framework of the SAFETY Act, companies such as CakeBoxx Technologies, designated with Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) status, are granted liability protections and assume a critical role in fortifying the United States’ defenses.

The Role of QATT Designation

Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies (QATT) designation is one of the most crucial components of the SAFETY Act. Companies receiving QATT status are acknowledged for developing innovative and efficient products or services that substantially contribute to stopping, responding to, or mitigating acts of terrorism. QATT designation validates the company’s efforts in creating pioneering security solutions and establishes a mark of trust and reliability in the eyes of potential customers and partners.

CakeBoxx Technologies’ doorless CakeBoxx® two-piece shipping containers were designated a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology under the SAFETY Act because of their extremely high-security properties. With their “deck and lid” design, the deck portion is engineered with ultra-strong TrusDek® technology, designed to bear heavy loads. When the deck and lid are sealed via the Vertical Locking System™, these shipping containers transport like any other, and on doorless models then have no point of access, making them virtually impenetrable to external threats of theft and cargo compromise.

CakeBoxx inventor Garry Whyte explains the security-focused origins of the two-piece container

The Importance of QATT Designation


The QATT designation acts as a beacon of encouragement for companies to invest in research and development to produce advanced technologies to counter threats. The promise of liability protections provides the incentive necessary for businesses to commit substantial resources to innovation.


With the world becoming more security-conscious, customers are progressively more drawn to products and services that are formally recognized as effective in safeguarding against terrorism. CakeBoxx Technologies, for example, works heavily with critical industries such as Defense, Energy, and Agriculture, all of which are vital to national and international security. Companies within such industries must work with suppliers they know they can count on. QATT designation builds public trust in a company’s offerings and preparedness, creating a competitive advantage in the market.


Companies with QATT status often collaborate closely with government agencies, sharing resources, expertise, and insights to boost national security efforts. This reciprocal relationship allows technologies to be refined based on real-world needs and feedback.

Supply Chain Resilience

Global supply chains are more connected and complicated than ever before, and with the constant emergence of new, more resourceful threats, conveyances, and trade routes need to be increasingly secure. QATT-designated technologies such as CakeBoxx containers safeguard the movement of goods and materials, mitigating disruptions and conveyance compromises that could have far-reaching safety, security, and economic impacts.

Because the world relies heavily on international trade and transportation, the SAFETY Act and its QATT designation hold particular significance for transportation and storage solution providers like CakeBoxx Technologies. The evolution of threats via shipping containers and other transportation vessels demands innovation, collaboration, and adaptability – these merits are all fostered by the SAFETY Act.

We’re incredibly proud to play such an essential role in the fight against terrorism, helping make supply chains in America and around the world safer and more resilient.

More information about the SAFETY Act and QATT designation can be found on the DHS website: