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Not Just Two-piece Containers

When you hear ‘CakeBoxx’, what’s the first thing you think of?

If you know CakeBoxx Technologies then you’re probably thinking about containers with lids that lift off (“Put a Lid On it!”), right? Either that or we’ve just made you want something from the bakery!

Two-piece containers are our original raison d’être, and will always be the foundation to our mission in innovation for safety, security, and efficiency. Even though we started our journey with an innovative product, at every stage our customers have always emboldened us to think “What if?” and push that innovation further.

CakeBoxx containers don’t need doors to operate. Indeed, we built the first models with no doors; even calling CakeBoxx “The no doors container”. But some customers would say “We understand that the container doesn’t need doors, but could you add doors too?”. Then they might ask, “Can it be wider?” or “Can it be longer, taller, temperature-controlled?”. “Can we take it to the arctic? Can we drop it out of an aircraft? Can we fill it with ‘special’ material? Can we cultivate shrimp in it?”

These are just some of the questions we’ve been asked over the years, so we’ve innovated at every opportunity to make sure the answer to these questions is always – “Yes!”

It wasn’t long before customers started saying “We love the two-piece design but we need something else. Something that doesn’t exist. Can you build it?”. The answer to this is also yes. In fact, “The answer is yes” has become something of a mantra to us.

As is probably becoming clear from this blog, we don’t just build two-piece containers, we provide solutions. The question we now ask our customers is “What’s the problem?”. Once we know that, we can figure out if we already have the solution, or we can begin designing it.

By all accounts, this has led us to build really exciting products for great customers all over the world. We’re going to spotlight some of these extraordinary solutions in an upcoming blog series we’re calling “Think It – Build It” Here are some pictures of a few to give a flavor! Watch this space…

Watch this space…