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Interview with Daine Eisold

CakeBoxx Technologies’ Founder and CEO

At CakeBoxx Technologies, we have a dedicated team of outstanding individuals. Each person brings a wealth of unique talent and experience from various backgrounds across industries, continents, and disciplines – all galvanized by the shared problem-solving ethos of building exceptional systems-engineered solutions and serving our customers to the highest possible standards.

We are incredibly proud of our people, history, and mission as an industry leader in custom, protective transport and storage solutions for your most important cargo – so we’d like to share this in the best way possible.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing video interviews with our various team members – allowing them to tell their stories and ours. To kick us off, the first CakeBoxx Conversation below is with Daine Eisold, our Founder and CEO. In the video below, Daine talks us through the reasons he started CakeBoxx, our history of remarkable customers, and the systems-engineering mindset that sets us apart as an innovation company.