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Network Rail (High Speed) Ltd, the Infrastructure Manager for the United Kingdom’s High Speed rail network, recently took delivery of a second order of specially designed 20’ shipping containers manufactured by CakeBoxx Technologies. The new insulated two piece ‘deck and lid’ design containers will become part of Network Rail’s High Speed operations and maintenance continuous improvement program.

The fulfilment of this second order of the year highlights a growing interest in the use of CakeBoxx containers in rail operations.   CakeBoxx Technologies earlier this month gained approval by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) for the 53’ BreakBulkBoxx container in North American intermodal markets. The application of the two-piece CakeBoxx container in Network Rail’s maintenance infrastructure annunciates the versatility and utility of unique deck and lid design.

CakeBoxx Technologies Global Sales Director Chris Clark commented,

“We are very happy to supply Network Rail with this new version of our 20’ product in support of their infrastructure programs. They are a great group of professionals and are fantastic to work with. This particular application of our two-piece container with access doors on each end and a complete insulation package is a great example of how our containers can serve a variety of markets that rear opening traditional containers cannot..”