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Thomas Sender Mehl talks CakeBoxx Platforms for Optimizing Wind Transport

CakeBoxx’s new SVP, Global Supply Chain shares his experience working in renewable energy, and how CakeBoxx platforms are a landmark in standardization for heavy equipment transport

In this week’s CakeBoxx Conversation, CakeBoxx Technologies’ new SVP, Global Supply Chain Thomas Sender Mehl shares his work history within renewable energy and his extensive career journey working in logistics for several key wind energy companies.

In the interview, Thomas goes into detail about a use case where in a short space of time CakeBoxx completely revolutionized the end-to-end supply chain for a leading wind OEM by designing and building special heavy transport platforms to optimize the company’s transport processes for moving wind assets with complex interfaces. The platforms which CakeBoxx provided were designed, built and delivered with incredible speed and are a landmark for standardization within heavy transport.