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Jim Campbell on Green Initiatives

CakeBoxx Chief Operating Officer Jim Campbell explains our systems engineering approach and the Net Zero-focused initiatives we’re developing

CakeBoxx Technologies is excited to share our final CakeBoxx Conversation for 2022. In anticipation of ushering in a new year filled with more engineering innovation and problem-solving for our valued customers, CakeBoxx COO Jim Campbell looks to the future, sharing some of the “Green Container” initiatives we’re working on behind the scenes at CakeBoxx to help our customers build more sustainable supply chains and meet Net Zero goals.

Jim also gives an insight into the culture of trust, honor, and teamwork he and others in the CakeBoxx management team forged while serving in the U.S. Navy, and the unique systems engineering ethos that underpins everything we do at CakeBoxx, empowering us to transform the transport and storage of our customers’ most important cargo.