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The new 'CoilBoxx' Container for Steel and Aluminum Coil Shippers

Our new 20′ CoilBoxx™ container is specifically designed for global transportation of steel and aluminum coils

The 20’ CoilBoxx container takes advantage of the same ‘deck and lid’ form factor as other CakeBoxx models. A specially designed floor in the CoilBoxx deck houses adjustable cradles onto which coiled cargos can be easily loaded, secured, transported and stored. This simple but extremely practical design allows coils to be loaded once at their point of origin and remain in the same container while being shipped globally to destination without having to be handled or transloaded.

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The announcement marks the first new product for CakeBoxx Technologies in 2019. It continues a trend of game-changing, practical innovations from the company, which in recent years has included the launch of the BreakBulkBoxx™ product line of 45’ and 53’ containers that allow shippers to containerize many cargos previously only transportable by break bulk or ro-ro vessels. Similarly, the CoilBoxx provides a new way for both domestic and international steel and aluminum coil shippers to take advantage of the safety, low cost and route efficiency offered by container shipping.

Designed and manufactured to ISO specifications and CSC certified, the CoilBoxx provides a time and cost saving containerized shipping alternative to traditional flatbed trailer, flat rack and breakbulk vessel transport. It is also extremely effective at protecting coils from exposure to adverse environmental conditions and typically unavoidable handling mishaps. The versatile CoilBoxx is suitable for transporting and storing all types of coiled or cylindrical cargos. As with all CakeBoxx containers, the CoilBoxx deck is fully accessible from 360° for ease and speed of both side and top loading. The CoilBoxx cradles are adjustable to accommodate up to three coil ODs, as large as 1700mm and as small as 300mm with a maximum width of 2232mm. These can be easily secured without the need for blocking and bracing or any further packaging using the embedded tie-down system.

The CoilBoxx will be an eye-opener for coil shippers. As more and more high-value coils are being produced and shipped globally it makes great sense to take advantage of the benefits of expedited container service. They can easily load their coils into our two-piece 20' container and lock into cheaper, faster and safer intermodal options, from short haul truck lanes to rail and water transit anywhere in the world – increased product protection and fewer damage claims.

Scott LymanDirector of Commercial Operations, CakeBoxx Technologies

CakeBoxx Technologies is planning to host a series of demonstrations with the CoilBoxx container in the United States and Europe through 2019. Companies interested in attending a demonstration should contact CakeBoxx Technologies for more information.