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CakeBoxx Conversations:
Yu Peng

Lead Engineer Yu Peng shares the important role IP2 shipping containers play in safely transporting and storing decommissioned nuclear material

In this CakeBoxx Conversations, we are thrilled to feature Yu Peng. As a young engineer and graduate from VCU, Yu has already made a significant impact at CakeBoxx, with a passion for innovation and design that is truly inspiring.

In this recent interview, Yu shares his proudest achievement of being on the CakeBoxx design team for special IP2 shipping containers, which undertake the important function of safely transporting and storing decommissioned nuclear material. Yu describes the vigorous testing processes CakeBoxx undertakes to ensure compliance for IP2 containers and why the CakeBoxx ‘two-piece’ models are particularly advantageous.

At just a few years out of college, one of Yu’s first jobs was as a forklift operator. He describes how joining CakeBoxx and learning about our safe, secure, and efficient two-piece containers was highly significant to him. He knew firsthand the safety hazard faced by forklift operators who need to enter the cramped, tight spaces via the end doors of standard containers, and was amazed by how the 360-degree access of two-piece containers eliminates this risk altogether.

Yu brings a fresh perspective to the team and plays a vital role for CakeBoxx as a world leader and innovator in sustainable, optimized supply chains. His story is inspiring for anyone pursuing a career in engineering, showing that with hard work and dedication, you can make a real impact, shaping the future of supply chains around the globe.