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James Blom on Supporting Net Zero and Regenerative Agriculture

Chief Revenue Officer James Blom Talks Energy Transition and Modular Food Production

To kick off 2023, we’re back with another insightful CakeBoxx Conversation. This week, Chief Revenue Officer James Blom, who joined the team last year, gives an overview of his background and extensive experience working in terminals and supply chain, as well as the engineering talent and accomplishments that attracted him to join CakeBoxx. He also explains how CakeBoxx Technologies is playing a key role in the energy transition currently being prioritized across the world to meet Net Zero goals by 2030.

James goes into detail on how CakeBoxx’s transport platforms are critical to supporting logistics for the wind industry, and how CakeBoxx is at the epicenter of food supply chains through designing, architecting, and building modular food production platforms to facilitate regenerative aquaculture.

James gives insight into the transformational benefits of CakeBoxx’s customized, modular solutions across shipping, rail, and trucking, for a wide-range of industries spanning wind, steel, defense, aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, and food production, delivering increased optionality and velocity for our customers’ most important cargo.